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About my original demo

If you intend for your demo to be included in the final mix then here’s some points to remember. There’s lots of ways we can do this. You can send us a single mixdown file (like in our song production video) or individual tracks (separate tracks for vocal, guitar etc). If you’d like for us to only use your vocal, then make sure you send us that on a separate track.

  • Play to a click track. If it’s not in time, it’s very difficult to then add multiple instruments and have the whole thing sound great. If you struggle to play to a click, we’d be happy to redo your guitar/piano part for you.
  • Ideally have a clean recording with no clipping, clicks or pops.
  • If you have individual tracks that need including, send them to us.
  • Send us the files in WAV format if possible (use Dropbox, YouSendIt etc)
  • Let us know what bpm (Beats per minute) number you recorded your demo to.