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Whats the mixing process like?

We’ll do up to three Mix revisions for you. Once we’ve tracked and mixed your song. We’ll initially send you a first draft mix and then you’ll give us feedback regarding any changes to the mix that you would want. (ie: More Drums, less Acoustic Guitar, More Reverb on Backing Vocals etc)

  • We’ll then send you a first Mix Revision mp3. (1st Mix Rev)  Maybe you’ll ask for some more changes.
  • We’ll then send you a second Mix Revision mp3 based on your suggestions (2nd Mix Rev). We’ll make more changes based on your suggestions.
  • We’ll then send you the third and final Mix Revision (3rd Mix Rev). You’re hopefully very happy with th mix!

At this point, we would now do the final edits and MASTER the 3rd Mix revision for you. Once we’ve recieved the balance payment, We’d then send you the finished Master WAV Files via The Dropbox.