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How long to complete a Full Band Production?

(Standard Live Production) Once we have recorded the live band, it usually takes about seven days to get to the first rough mix, obviously, the timescale is dependent on the complexity of the particular song. (For example, a straightforward rock song with just drums, bass and guitar won’t take as long as a song that requires extensive orchestration).

(Deluxe Production) This is all dependent on how long the band takes recording their individual parts. Once everything is recorded it usually takes about another seven days to get to the first rough mix of a simple rock song. (A more complex arrangement may take longer).

From that point the remixing process is pretty quick, we will usually have it mixed and mastered within a further seven days. So a Standard Live Production song can be completed in roughly two weeks depending on current workloads. A Deluxe Production is band dependent, but again, about two weeks once all the tracks are recorded.