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‘TV Themes & Love Machines’ Album by The Skin Imps

  • 01

    Cheggers plays pop / fraggle rock

    The Skin Imps

  • 02

    Inspector gadget

    The Skin Imps

  • 03


    The Skin Imps

  • 04

    Monkey Magic

    The Skin Imps

  • 05


    The Skin Imps

  • 06

    JAmie and the magic torch

    The Skin Imps

  • 07


    The Skin Imps

  • 08

    The Littlest Hobo

    The Skin Imps

  • 09

    Wonder Woman

    The Skin Imps

  • 10

    Hong Kong Phooey / The love boat

    The Skin Imps

  • 11


    The Skin Imps

  • 12

    Chorlton & the Wheelies

    The Skin Imps

  • 13

    Ulysses 31

    The Skin Imps

  • 14

    Happy days

    The Skin Imps

  • 15

    The Golden Girls

    The Skin Imps

  • 16


    The Skin Imps

  • 17


    The Skin Imps

  • 18

    The Fresh Prince of Grange Hill

    The Skin Imps

  • 19

    Only Fools & Horses

    The Skin Imps

  • 20


    The Skin Imps

‘TV Themes & Love Machines’ is an amazing live album by The Skin Imps. It’s a record of rocked up TV Theme Tunes by the legendary live act hailing for Mexico/Chester/Liverpool.

It was a real pleasure to produce, mix and master this amazing live album
It was also a fun challenge, working off the raw live recording that they had from a show in January 2018, but they were very pleased with the finished results.
The Album launch is in Telfords Warehouse, Chester, UK on 26th January 2019. I recommend you go along , buy a copy and see it with your own eyes!

You can contact the Skin Imps on their Facebook, twitter or Instagram pages and ‘TV Themes & Love Machines’ is available iTunes, Amazon, YouTube and all other online retailers.

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