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‘Virtue Signal’ by Steve Stroud

I finally got around to writing and recording a new original track which is titled ‘Virtue Signal’ by Steve Stroud.  It’s my first new solo song since I finished my solo album ‘Lavalamp‘ in 2017. I had a piano riff in my head and based it around that. It was also a good opportunity to […]

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‘Our Whingy Gayle’ by David Barker

Our Whingy Gayle

Had a great time recording the original song ‘Our Whingy Gayle’ by David Barker , the Jack Russell music recording artist this month. He brought the wine and his music all the way from France to come and record here, so he’s a little bit like Dionysus in my book. Dave wanted a 6o’s vibe […]

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‘Tastes’ Album by Franki Doot

'Tastes' Album by Franki Doot

Early in September 2017, we started work on the ‘Tastes’ Album by Franki Doot when Franki made the long trek from Dorset to Liverpool to begin recording tracks for his latest original album. We’d previously collaborated on his last album ‘Frankie Doot Still Runs‘ back in 2016. On  the last album, I’d only collaborated on […]

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Song Production: ‘Basecamp’ by Steve Stroud

I’ve been meaning to record the follow up to  my last solo album (2014’s ‘Hot Pink Flamingos‘) for AGES. I’ve just been so busy recording and producing everyone elses great songs I haven’t got round to it until now. I’ve wrote about 20 new songs and done basic demos for nearly all of them, but […]

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Song Production : ‘Paint On My Toes’ by Harry Bowness

Fantastic first solo recording by Harry Bowness. First heard on The Big Cloud Podcast EP1, Seventeen year old Harry came back to Big Cloud Productions in Liverpool to record his brilliant Studio Version. Here is the finished Big Cloud Productions version Produced by Steve Stroud.   The song credits are as follows. Song Production : […]

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