June 26, 2017

‘It Is Almost Complete’ Album by BRN/ rd /YND

BRN/ rd /YND

This was one of the most original and interesting projects I’ve ever been involved with.  BRN/ rd /YND is a brilliant musician who likes to compose his tunes in an unuusal way. He chips away at a composion, layering up korg kaossilators , synths and samples until he’s satisfied.

BRN/ rd /YND had some unorthodox requests, such as “This next verse, can you just stick in a lion roaring?”.”More Echo on the Lion” will be the phrase I take from these sessions!

My job really was to just capture the ideas, act on requests and level, eq, mix and master. It was a fun job!I’ve heard this will be a Vinyl release too, so looking forward to getting a 12″ copy.

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Written by BRN/ rd /YND ©2017

All Vocals and Synths BRN/ rd /YND
Additional instruments Steve Stroud

Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Steve Stroud at Big Cloud Productions in Liverpool. 2017

May 9, 2016

Song Production: ‘The Original Maids Of Honour EP’ by Bernz Jüngboi

It’s been a real pleasure to have Bernz Jüngboi at the studio over the last few weeks. He’s been here tracking 3 songs for his new release, ”The Original Maids Of Honour EP’.

Using only a korg kaossilator and a handful of effects. His three electronic songs are powerful  and something really different.

I’ve got to say, I’ve really enjoyed working on such a different project. I primarily deal with classic singer songwriter styles of music, so working on this, mostly instrumental, electronic EP was really refreshing.

Bernz would play his loops and rhythms on the Korg and I  would multitrack, EQ and Compress and add any effects as necessary. We played around with some Vocoders in the KORG itself and also recorded externally through Cubase with Plugins.

The Original Maids of Honour song is  my favourite, a cinematic 10 minute epic, almost psychedelic song, touching on scott of the antarctic’s journy to the south pole, with his supporting characters like jimmy pig making an appearance. It’s so experimental, artistic and yet still accessible if you open yourself to the journey. This has the most vocal work out of the three.

Sunshine is a lovely, positive, 90% instrumental track. It’s a blisteringly upbeat 5 minute shot of serotonin. There is a Vocoder which comes in at the end with the ‘Blackspot’ refrain.

Ghostwalk is another beautiful and this time slightly sinister instrumental track with brave pregnant pauses and some really cool sound-effects weaved throughout the song.

Bernz Jüngboi is currently updating his online presence (soundcloud/bandcamp etc), so I’ll share all his links with you when I have them. I think he’s coming back to record some more cool stuff in the future, so be sure to check him out.


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Song Production: ‘The Original Maids Of Honour EP’ by Bernz Jüngboi

1.’The Original Maids Of Honour’

All Songs Written by Bernz Jüngboi ©2016

Bernz Jüngboi : Korg Kaossilator, Samples and Vocals
Steve Stroud: Keys, Drum Programming
All Songs Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Steve Stroud at Big Cloud Productions in Liverpool, May 2016.

2016-04-26 21.02.40