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‘Our Whingy Gayle’ by David Barker

Our Whingy Gayle

Had a great time recording the original song ‘Our Whingy Gayle’ by David Barker , the Jack Russell music recording artist this month. He brought the wine and his music all the way from France to come and record here, so he’s a little bit like Dionysus in my book. Dave wanted a 6o’s vibe […]

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‘These Blues Now’ Album by Franki Doot

Franki Doot - These Blues Now

On the 9th of May, Franki traveled from Dorset to Big Cloud in Liverpool to start tracking for his third Album project to be produced here. We’d previously collaborated on his albums ‘Still Runs‘ and ‘Tastes‘ and Franki was so happy with the productions, he wanted to produce another album here in a similar way. […]

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‘Tastes’ Album by Franki Doot

'Tastes' Album by Franki Doot

Early in September 2017, we started work on the ‘Tastes’ Album by Franki Doot when Franki made the long trek from Dorset to Liverpool to begin recording tracks for his latest original album. We’d previously collaborated on his last album ‘Frankie Doot Still Runs‘ back in 2016. On  the last album, I’d only collaborated on […]

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New Songs by Tim O’Neill 

Tim O Neill

Had the pleasure of welcoming Tim O’Neill back to the studio recently to work on two brand new compositions. Tim arrived with two new songs he wanted to record and played them to me acoustically before telling me what kind of instrumentation he wanted on the tracks. This is usually how it works with Tim, […]

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Let’s Stay Together by Vanilla

Let's Stay Together

Great live session tonight with Vanilla duo. Julie & Nick are a duo from Liverpool who came to record Let’s Stay together by Al Green. They sounded fantastic and were really lovely to work with. Nicks an amazing guitarist and instrumentalist and Julie is an actress/singer with a voice to die for. They’re both really […]

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The Big Cloud Podcast (EP6) Kevin J Eustace

Episode Six of The Big Cloud Podcast features 5 fantastic live performances of original songs by the brilliant Liverpudlian singer/songwriter Kevin J Eustace. We also have a refreshingly honest interview were Kevin discusses his feelings about certain aspects of the local music scene, Frank Hedges and the Lomax, The Dapper Overture and his interest in […]

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The Big Cloud Podcast (Ep4) Tim O’Neill

Episode Four of The Big Cloud Podcast features 3 fantastic live performances of original songs by singer/songwriter Tim O’Neill. As well as live performances it also features finished productions and videos showcasing Tim’s original songwriting. There’s also a fascinating interview which explores Tim’s songwriting approach and how he works with Big Cloud Productions to bring […]

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