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Studio Production

Perfect for songwriters who want to work with a producer in person, or for anyone who needs extra instruments adding to their composition, but doesn’t have access to musicians or a studio.

  • If you¬†live near to Liverpool or want to travel to us to record the basic demo in person, this is the option for you. After the basic demo is recorded here in the studio, the rest of the track will be completed according to your instructions.

Have a quick look at our video below to get a better idea of the studio production service we offer.

And below is the finished song as featured in the video above. Have a listen.

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    No Mystery

    Tim O'Neill

Lou Genevieve

Thank you so much, I really love it! The piano is so nice and i love what you did with the last instrumental bit. It’s really good ūüėÄ

For "Just Wanna Be Yours"

The Skin Imps

The album sounds amazing! Big Cloud Productions did a brilliant job

For "TV Themes and Love Machines"

Marianne Yates

5 stars. I would like to say a massive THANK YOU to Big Cloud Productions for recording us recently. Had so much fun laughed all the way through (except when we were recording) nothing was too much hassle. Really pleased with the end product the quality and sound with any effects we ask to be added are amazing. Top quality for recording with good advice and support¬†👍🏼

For "No More Knives"

Franki Doot

Many thanks for helping me to bring my songs to life. You’re a great musician/producer. I really appreciate¬†the time you’ve spent on it and I’m very proud of the results.

For "Tastes" Album

David Barker

A really enjoyable experience in the studio for two days of recording. Very high standards of professionalism! Also impressed by Steve’s wide musical knowledge and impeccable taste.

For "Our Whingy Gayle"

Tincture O Feat. Lisa Von H

Massively produced track!! Love the production! Global!

For "Needle Change X"

Lou Genevieve

Hey Steve! It’s Perfect! I¬†really like it! it’s got a really cool vibe in it. Thanks so much! ūüôā

For "Madness"

The Deltatones

Big Cloud put together great custom tracks with custom In Ear Monitor clicks and cues for our live show! Highly recommended

For Custom Backing Tracks

Franki Doot

Just played the CD in the car and I think it’s all great! Really appreciate your hard work and talent. See you soon

For "Now" album

Tennille and Jordan Paterson

Hi Steve, Thank you very much Рthe backing is perfect! Exactly what we were looking for Рwill most definitely be in contact for future projects. (with not such a short deadline next time) Thanks, Tennille and Jordan

For "Counting Sheep" Custom Backing Track

Lisa Von H

The production that comes out of this place is beyond epic. Classy and clever- just beautiful!! And so easy to work with too!!! I’ll be back for sure….. X

lisa von h
For "Honey's Dead"

Tim O’Neill

A multi-instrumentalist who can interpret any songwriters request by pure divination to deliver the goods.A man with talent to burn

For "No Mystery"

John Daniel Prosser

Steve is one of the most talented all-rounders I have ever met. Singer, songwriter, musician, producer, engineer. Brilliant.

For "More To Me"

David Barker

I was so happy with the Dreamclouds EP I recorded with Steve at Big Cloud Productions. It helped me to get my Publishing deal at Jack Russell Music.

For "Dreamclouds"

Harry Bowness

Just listened to ‘Paint on My Toes’, I absolutely love it Ste! ¬†Thanks so much for that, can’t thank you enough! Love the Harmonica

For "Paint On My Toes"


Hey Steve, Cheers for everything on this¬†album. I really am chuffed with all your efforts and input, especially as I’m technologically inept. I think it’s a great album.

BRN/ rd /YND
For "It Is Almost Complete" album

Nick Adamson (Vanilla)

Just had a great live recording session with Steve. Guitar and vocals both sounding superb. Cheers Steve

For "Let's Stay Together"

Tom Albury

Beautiful Work on my song ‘Tracy Bane’. I almost cried”

For "Tracy Bane"

Tim O’Neill

Jumping Off Place’¬†is Awesome! Ie: It fills you with awe. Thanks for all your work on it

For "Jumping Off Place"

Studio Production £200 per song  (Use Contact form to book)
  • Record your Vocals and instruments here using top quality mics and preamps
  • All additional instruments performed and recorded¬†to your liking by Big Cloud Productions.
  • Completed song edited, arranged and mixed to industry¬†standards by Big Cloud Productions.
  • Final mix mastered to industry¬†standards¬†by Big Cloud Productions.
  • A personalised feature article on our Big Cloud 'Songwriter Sessions' Blog. (Read by many Industry Professionals)

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