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Song Production : ‘Tracy Bane’ by Tom Albury

Song Production : ‘Tracy Bane’ by Tom Albury

I’ve had great fun recently, working with my good friend from Rockland, Maine in America, Tom Albury.

We’ve been working on a great track ‘Tracy Bane’ We’ve done a couple of different mixes so far, both in very different styles.

Tom is an incredibly talented musician and writer. His lyrics are very thoughtful and intelligent. Deeper and more spiritual than most of the stuff you hear on the radio.

I used to live and work with Tom on a daily basis when I was in America, we even gigged together several times, so it’s fantastic to have a transatlantic recording session with him.

We’ve tried a few different mixes of the track. This one is my favourite. See what you think?

Tracy Bane
Written by Tom Albury (C)2014

Lead Vocals / Acoustic Guitars – Tom Albury

Electric Guitars / Bass Guitar /
Drum Programming / Hammond Organ  – Steve Stroud @ Big Cloud Productions

Engineered / Produced / Mastered – Steve Stroud @ Big Cloud Productions

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