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Song Production : Needle Change X by Tincture O feat. Lisa Von H

Liverpool singer/songwriter Tim O’Neill came into the studio recently to work on a new project.  He wanted to record a new song he’d written and produce a music video for it also. I’ve done some video work last summer on the big cloud podcast, so I was happy to give it a go.

We recorded the song first. A fantastic, textured track which lyrically spoke about the greed of the western political systems. The track was rich, but seemingly open to a lot of experimentation. Tim already had the basic song, chords, lyrics and melody written before he came into the studio, but he wanted me to create some kind of intro and coda to help frame the track.

I recorded some vocal lines, reversed them, then looped them over the radio static and the specific audio samples that Tim had already suggested.

I then added guitars, pianos, synths, bass and drums before writing and arranging a string and brass part which I then reversed on the breakdown at the end of the choruses.

Tim also had the great idea of accentuating the verse with dramatic stabs of strings. I added an overdriven guitar to these parts too.

Once the song was almost complete, Tim decided he’d like to have some female vocals on there too. There’s really nobody better than Lisa Von H for this and we were both really pleased when she agreed to contribute a vocal to the project. She even graciously agreed to send us some footage for the video that was still yet to be made.

It goes without saying she did an amazing job as always. Her previous work with us on another one of Tim’s songs ‘Honey’s Dead’ remains one of my favourite production moments.

Once the track was complete, we recorded some footage of Tim in the studio for the video and he also recorded some himself at home. That, along with Lisa’s footage and some visual samples Tim suggested made up the bulk of the Video. I just added the old, black and white footage, the eye shot and then pieced it all together.

Tim graciously offered me a co writing credit due to the work I did on the intro and the outro and the rest of the song, I really appreciated it, but I must say the bulk of the song was already written before I even touched it, so it was very generous of him.

Finally he wanted to call the project ‘Tincture O’ rather than release it as a Tim O’ Neill solo record as I think he felt it was a more collaborative project, with Lisa and Myself’s input.

So here is the finished video and song. Please let us know if you enjoyed it and get in touch if you would like to be a part of a similar project.


‘Needle Change X’ by Tincture O feat. Lisa Von H

Written by Tim O’Neill / Steve Stroud ©2016

Lead Vocals / Electric and Acoustic Guitar / Audio Samples – Tim O’Neill

Lead Vocals – Lisa Von H

Acoustic Guitars / Electric Guitars / Bass Guitar / Piano / Synths / Organ
Drum Programming / String and Brass Arrangements / Backing Vocals – Steve Stroud

Produced / Mixed / Mastered – Steve Stroud

Here is the audio only version.

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