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Song Production : ‘Just Wanna Be Yours’ by Lou Genevieve

Lou Genevieve - Big Cloud Productions

I’ve recently been hired by a really talented, sixteen year old singer/songwriter called Lou Genevieve from Santo Domingo in The Dominican Republic.

Lou wanted me to produce a 3 song pop EP for her, so she booked our EP package and sent me three acapella vocal tracks, all sang in time to a specific bpm so that when I produced the tracks it was easy to synch up with the other instruments.

This was a slightly unusual way for me to work, as I’m used to getting demo tracks from the artist that have a recorded instrument such as a guitar or a piano, so that way I can get the chord progressions from the artist and then I just  ‘fill in the musical blanks’ as it were, myself.  This time, all I had was a vocal. Luckily, it was a very nice vocal though 🙂

It actually tuned out to be a very enjoyable and interesting way of working. When all you have is a vocal melody, you could put a hundred different chord progressions to it and they could all sound ok. The trick is in trying to give the artist what you think they want or what you hope they are hearing in their heads.

The good thing about hiring Big Cloud to Produce your tracks is that we don’t just do what we think is right and then send you the track and say ‘Like it or leave it’. We really want you to be happy, so we send you a 1st Mix, you then give us your thoughts on any changes you’d like and then you have a further three remixes from us (all included in the price) so, you always end up with the finished song that you initially wanted.

In Lou’s case, she wanted a Commercial Pop production. Which is slightly different in style from our previous clients needs. It was actually a lot of fun, I really enjoyed  working with different drum machines and soft synths and experimenting until we found the sounds and beats Lou was looking for.

Below is the finished track ‘Just Wanna Be Yours’ by Lou Genevieve.

Lou’s voice is strong and soulful and she has a really cool writing style and extremely intelligent lyrics for  such a young writer. I think if she really wants a career in music, she could have a lot of success in the future. I’m currently working on the follow up song for Lou, a great song called  ‘Madness’ which is another really exciting track.

We hope you enjoy the song, have a listen below.

The song credits are as follows.

Song Production : ‘Just Wanna Be Yours’ by Lou Genevieve

‘Just Wanna Be Yours’ by Lou Genevieve

Lyrics and Vocal Melody Written by Lou Genevieve (C)2014
All Music written by Steve Stroud (C)2014

Lead Vocals  – Lou Genevieve 

Electric Guitars  / Bass Guitar / Drum Programming / Piano / Synths / Percussion / Backing Vocals – Steve Stroud @ Big Cloud Productions

Engineered / Produced / Mastered – Steve Stroud @ Big Cloud Productions

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