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Song Production: ‘Just A Boy’ by Steve Stroud

Lavalamp Album

I wrote this song for the Lavalamp album a few months ago.

I was getting concerned with the amount of pressure my 6 year old son was being put under at his infant school. I didn’t blame his school or the teachers, but the Tory Government, who under the then Education secretary Nicky Morgan were hell bent on STATS for little kids and other pressurised measures. (It’s now since moved on to being all about Grammar schools.)

It’s pretty simple really,  just some acoustic, bass, drums , with a little bit of jiggery pokery.  Oh and Jesus Gonzales lent me his Kazoo.

It was recorded really, really quickly and dare I say it, a bit shoddily, but the general feel is about right. It reminds me of my son whenever I hear it, so that’s nice x

See what you think?

Written by Steve Stroud © 2016

All instruments and vocals by Steve Stroud

Acoustic Guitar: Gibson J-45
Electric Guitar: PRS S2 Semi Hollow
Kazoo: on loan from Jesus Gonzales
Bass Guitar: Gibson EB14
Piano: Steinberg The Grand 3
Electric Piano: Steinberg
Synth: Steinberg Retrologue 2
Drums and Percussion: Fxpansion BFD3
Strings: HALion Symphonic Orchestra
Vocals: Neumann TLM 103 through PRE 73 MK II

Written by Steve Stroud © 2016
All instruments and vocals by Steve Stroud

Produced, Arranged and Mastered by Steve Stroud using Steinberg Cubase 8.5 Pro at Big Cloud Productions March 2016

Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Steve Stroud

Recorded at Big Cloud Productions in March 2016

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