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Song Production : ‘Jumping Off Place’ by Tim O’ Neill

It’s always a pleasure working with Tim O’ Neill on his songs, and this one was no different.

The second song we worked on together was Jumping Off Place, a really interesting ambient track with (again) some clever lyrics. It was a total departure from the last song we did, as the track doesn’t feature any conventional drums or bass, just synths and percussion as a rhythm section, so mixing and producing needed some different approaches. I love the coda. Have a listen below.

Tim as usual had the basic song written on acoustic guitar, but had loads of ideas for synth and guitar overdubs and again, we were only too happy to help.
Looking forward to working again with Tim O’ Neill soon on another song going in another direction, more 70’s country rock which may feature a very special guest vocalist (No, not me :))

The song credits are as follows.

Song Production :  ‘Jumping Off Place’ by Tim O’ Neill

Jumping Off Place by Tim O’Neill

Written by Tim O’Neill (C)2014

Lead Vocals / Korg / Acoustic Guitar – Tim O’Neill

Electric Guitars / Electric Piano / Synths / Percussion / Backing Vocals – Steve Stroud @ Big Cloud Productions

Engineered / Produced / Mastered –  Steve Stroud @ Big Cloud Productions

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