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Song Production : ‘Honey’s Dead’ by Tim O’Neill (Featuring Lisa Von H)

I was in for a treat with this one.

The third song we worked on together was ‘Honey’s Dead’, a really beautiful country rock-ish track with beautiful lyrics, great chord changes and loads of great ideas by Tim. It was very different from the last song we did ‘ Jumping Off Place’, as the track was to be more conventional in terms of instrumentation. Tim wanted some slide guitar, so straight away I got out my old trusty mutant, mexican strat, specially set up with high action and tuned to open E.

I thought it needed a Hammond too, so I got on the old keys as well.  The basic track, drums, bass, guitars, keys etc all went down really quickly and smoothly, which was great. Tim then said he thought he’d like to try a duel lead vocal with a female singer and could I recommend anyone? Straight away I thought of Lisa Von H, who in my opinion is one of the best in the business.

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As well as a great singer, she’s also an amazing songwriting and there’s exciting rumours she’s going to be working with us on another song here at Big Cloud very soon!

Anyway, have a listen to the finished track. It’s lovely.

I also did a shorter video edit for Tim.

You can hear and see the Video version here..

The song credits are as follows.

Song Production : ‘Honey’s Dead’ by Tim O’Neill (Featuring Lisa Von H)

Honey’s Dead by Tim O’Neill

Written by Tim O’Neill (C)2014

Lead Vocals / Acoustic Guitar – Tim O’Neill

Lead Vocals – Lisa Von H

Acoustic Guitars / Electric Guitars / Slide Guitar / Bass Guitar / Drum Programming / Piano / Hammond Organ / Percussion – Steve Stroud @ Big Cloud Productions

Engineered / Produced / Mastered – Steve Stroud @ Big Cloud Productions

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