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Song Production : ‘Ghostship’ by John Daniel Prosser

Song Production : ‘Ghostship’ by John Daniel Prosser

We had a really enjoyable recording session with John Daniel Prosser this week.  I’ve known John ever since we gigged together years ago in Liverpool when he was in Lyons and Tigers and I was pursuing Solo material.
Johns always been an amazing songwriter and also a fantastic live musician. Added to that, he’s a really funny, genuinely nice guy who’s great to have around the studio, Made the session really fun.  Working with someone as talented as John made the project run very smooth and we were all done very quickly which was great.

Ghostship is one of two songs we recorded together, (The other being ‘More To Me’ )  John had the songs completely written before he came in, and he played all the instruments. I just had to produce it. What a fun, well written song, brilliantly played and a great arrangement too, I love it.

Here is my mix of the finished version, let me know what you think?

‘Ghostship’ by John Daniel Prosser

Written by John Daniel Prosser (C)2015

Vocals / Acoustic Guitar / Bass / Keys / Drum Programming – John Daniel Prosser

Engineered / Produced / Mastered – Steve Stroud @ Big Cloud Productions

p.s Follow John on Soundcloud and Twitter

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