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Song Production: ‘European Song’ by Steve Stroud

Lavalamp Album


So, Brexit happened. That was a big deal right? Jesus. I voted remain, but rather than moan and fight with everyone on social media, I thought I’d be better off writing a song.

I wrote and recorded this and ‘Just a Boy’ in a frenzied week of politically charged activity. Poor Cubase didn’t know what hit it.

Anyway, the song that came out was just a stream of consciousness, obscure, semi cathartic shout . It’s nice, quite a lot of people got in touch to say they like it. Thanks! x

D.J. Waters, an Australian Fine Art Photographer who’s based in Germany, asked if he could use the song on his latest promo video. I was very pleased to say yes. I took out the kids voices on the coda for him, but other than that, it’s the same. You can watch and listen to it below

D.J. Waters Fine Art Photography Video

by the way, he take beautiful pictures, is a wonderful guy and I urge you to visit his website here

Back to the music, here’s a link to the whole song. See what you think?

Written by Steve Stroud © 2016

All instruments and vocals by Steve Stroud

Acoustic Guitar: Gibson J-45
Electric Guitar: Fender Stratocaster & Gibson Les Paul
Bass Guitar: Gibson EB14
Piano: Steinberg The Grand 3
Synth: Steinberg Retrologue 2
Drums and Percussion: Fxpansion BFD3
Strings: HALion Symphonic Orchestra
Vocals: Neumann TLM 103 through PRE 73 MK II


Written by Steve Stroud © 2016
All instruments and vocals by Steve Stroud

Produced, Arranged and Mastered by Steve Stroud using Steinberg Cubase 8.5 Pro at Big Cloud Productions March 2016

Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Steve Stroud

Recorded at Big Cloud Productions in March 2016

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