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Song Production : ‘At The Door’ by Tim O’Neill

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Yet another fantastic solo track by Tim O’Neill.  We recently finished the ‘Tincture O’ project ‘Needle Change X’ together with Lisa Von H and we were really pleased with how that turned out.
This particular track, called ‘At The Door’ was less of a collaboration than Needle Change X, as Tim had the song already written in full when he first came into the studio. In fact he first played it live, here on the Big Cloud Podcast. Have a look below.


So we set about recording it again, but this time after discussions with Tim, I added some extra Acoustic Guitar, Drums, Bass, Slide Guitar and a picked electric guitar part, Piano and Organ.

To be honest, we probably tracked too many different ideas to begin with. The fantastic, sparse and intimate track was in danger of getting lost under the weight of too many instruments.
Sensing danger, we decided to pull back a bit and we ended up with a simpler, but much stronger arrangement.

Tim and I both preferred the stripped back version to the ‘kitchen sink’ mix, so we were back in business.

I really love this song. It’s now stripped back to just Tim’s vocals, his acoustic guitar part (great btw) with me accompanying him on Bass, Drums, Organ and Slide with some backing vocals.

Here is the finished mix of our studio version Produced by Steve Stroud @ Big Cloud Productions.


Song Production : ‘At The Door’ by Tim O’Neill

Written by Tim O’Neill ©2016

Lead Vocals / Acoustic Guitar – Tim O’Neill

Bass Guitar / Organ / Slide Guitar
Drum Programming / Percussion
Backing Vocals – Steve Stroud

Produced / Mixed / Mastered – Steve Stroud at Big Cloud Productions in April 2016

Visit Tim O’Neill’s website to discover more great work from him

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