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Sketches from the Bunker

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    The Man Who Haunted Himself

    Steve Stroud

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    Steve Stroud

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    Tiger Moth

    Steve Stroud

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    The Death Star

    Steve Stroud

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    Turn You Away

    Steve Stroud

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    Dog Collar

    Steve Stroud

‘Sketches from the Bunker’ is the new album by Steve Stroud, produced during the lockdown of 2020 and recorded in both ROC2 Studios in Wrexham, Wales and Big Cloud Productions in Liverpool.
We are extremely proud of this new album which will be available for high-quality digital download from Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, and all good music distributors. We have also included the CD version of the album along with this EPK for your convenience.

Sketches from the Bunker is the reunion of the team that produced Steve Stroud’s 2009 solo album ‘What If We Had No Moon?’.
Jai Stark (Drums) and Colin Wilson (Bass) Joined Steve at the old nuclear bunker at ROC2 Studios in Wales during the Lockdown of November 2020 to record the tracks. Marc Joy, the producer of WIWHNM, returned to help Steve engineer the session.
Roc2’s vintage Calrec recording desk and it’s wonderful vintage microphone collection were used to lovingly record the live performances.
All necessary precautions were made during the sessions, masks wear worn, bodies sanitised, and social distance observed. The results were then edited, mixed, and mastered by Steve at his studio Big Cloud Productions in Liverpool.
The ten songs on ‘Sketches from a Bunker’ deal with the psychological ghosts that get in everybody’s way, the curse of indoctrination and takes a sideways glance at the political figures that rule us.
Sketches from a Bunker takes on the flavours of classic recording equipment, songwriting and production methods.  It owes more to the reel-to-reel Masters of David Bowie, Lou Reed and John Cale than the modern era’s digital-only releases.
The recording of the album was cathartic for everyone involved and a welcome release to be spending time with old friends, safely making music away from the horrors of the pandemic.

As well as an artistic release, the completed album and an accompanying dissertation will be submitted as the final project for Steve’s degree at Liverpool John Moores University. Since his last album recording in 2016, Steve has gone back to school at the age of 43 to study for a BSc honours degree in Audio Production.

Sketches from the Bunker - Steve Stroud CD face
Sketches from the Bunker - Steve Stroud credits

Any enquiries, please contact [email protected]

Thanks for your interest, and we hope you enjoy the album.

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