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‘Peninsula’ by Tim O’Neill

Tim O Neill

I had my good friend Tim back in the Studio over Christmas time. He had a great new song written ‘Peninsula’, but this time wanted to back it with a drum loop rather than a regular acoustic pattern. There was a great Talking Heads track in which he really liked the drum loop. Rather than just sample it, I painstakingly recreated it with BFD3 using an acoustic kit, and a UAD 1176 and a Fatso Jr .

It also gave me an opportunity to try out my brand new VST3 plug in I designed ‘MAJOR CHORDS‘.

The bass guitar, acoustic guitar and electric guitar are all ‘played’ and controlled with the MAJOR CHORDS plugin in HALion Sonic 3 in Cubase.

Tim added his vocals, some electric guitar on my 335 and a pignose feedback experiment for the middle 8 (pictured below).

I also added hammond organ, piano, strings, brass, pads and harmony backing vocals.

We mixed it until Tim was happy and here is the finished track. See what you think? Let us know.

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Really pleased to announce the prototype of my first Halion Instrument is ready for testing. ‘Major Chords’ is a guitar sampler that can be used with Halion Sonic SE, Halion Sonic 3 or Halion 6 in any version of Cubase (or any DAW that will load vst3). You have a multi sampled Gibson Les Paul Standard going into a Kemper, a Gibson EB14 Bass Guitar also going into a Kemper and a Mic’d up Gibson J45 acoustic Guitar to play with. You can play them individually or in unison and you can automate each one to get them to play any chord sample you like. Each instrument has its own designated effects, pan, volume and Eq, so you can customise the sound to your liking. Leave a comment if you’d like to know more.🎸🎼❤️🎚️🎹 #majorchords #bigcloudproductions #vst3 #VSTS #halion #halionsonic3 #halionsonic #halion6 #steinberg #cubase #samples #guitars #gibson #kemper #lespaul #j45 #bass #akg414 #daw #studiolife #vsti #Liverpoolstudio #producersofinstagram

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