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Let’s Stay Together by Vanilla

Let's Stay Together

Great live session tonight with Vanilla duo.

Julie & Nick are a duo from Liverpool who came to record Let’s Stay together by Al Green. They sounded fantastic and were really lovely to work with.

Nicks an amazing guitarist and instrumentalist and Julie is an actress/singer with a voice to die for. They’re both really nice and funny guys too. Hope to work with them again really soon.

This was just a simple live recording session. Nick used my Gibson J45 acoustic guitar which I mic’d up with an AKG 414 which then went into a Golden age 73 pre.

Julie sang beautifully into my Neumann TLM 103 condensor mic which also went into a Golden age 73 pre.  I used UAD 1176 compressors and Pultec Eq’s on their channels. I also used a UAD EMT 140 plate reverb on the voice and guitar.

As it was such a simple session with no overdubs, I offered them the great rate of £50 a song total ( including mixing and mastering!)

I’d be happy to offer the same price to anyone who wants to do something similar.

If you’d like to record here like Nick and Julie did, get in touch TODAY.


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