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We mix in the box using fully licensed versions of Steinberg Cubase Pro 10, Avid ProTools 2018, Universal Audio UAD2 Plug ins, Waves v10 Plugins, Steinberg The Grand 3, FXpansion BFD3, Steinberg Halion 6 and Arturia Soft Synths.

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Universal Audio and Waves Plugins
Big Cloud ProductionsBig Cloud Productions


Top Quality Yamaha and KRK Studio monitoring, Focusrite Saffire Pro interface and pre amps, 3 external Golden Age 73 vintage sounding Neve clone mic pres, Furman power conditioner  and top grade acoustic studio treatment including fibreglass floor to ceiling bass traps and ceiling clouds ensure that our sound is always pro and that our mix is always accurate.

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Electric guitars are our speciality and we have a 2013 Gibson Les Paul Standard, a 2006 Gibson Les Paul Standard, a 2013 Gibson 335, a 2014 Gibson SG standard, several custom Fender Stratocastors , Fender Deluxe Jazz Bass, Gibson EB-14 Bass, Fender Telecaster, PRS Mira, PRS semi hollow 22 and Designated Slide Guitars all available.

Big Cloud Productions


Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Valve amp, Marshall DSL Valve amp or through our fantastic rack mounted Kemper or reamping a massive selection of 100% authentic, rare, modern or vintage amp sounds are available

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Various Dynamic and Condenser Microphones by Neumann, Shure, AKG, SE and Rode are available as well as SE reflection Filters

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