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David Bowie (1947 – 2016)

This hopefully isn’t going to come across as a bandwagon jumping post made in the vain hope that a great man’s death could benefit my seo ratings.  That said,  things are emotional around here today and this may get slightly cathartic,  so you’ll have to bear with me.

I just needed to acknowledge that without David Bowie,  there would be no Big Cloud Productions.

Now, in the grand scheme of things that’s not such a big deal at all,  but in my little corner of the universe,  that would be a very big deal indeed.

And that’s what Bowie was all about I think.  Making your secret little corner of the universe your own and not being scared of being different.

I was talking to a fellow producer and musician today who feels as deeply about David Bowie as I do,  we made the observation that public holidays are suggested and observed for the death of privileged royalty,  warmongering politicians or even fictional religious figures,  but a person like Bowie who will have genuinely impacted the lives of millions of people with nothing but great art and positivity deserves all that and more.

His passing seems to me like it should be marked with more than a silly blog update or even the dubious ‘honour’ of trending on Twitter for a few days,  but I guess we’ve got to start somewhere.

His legacy won’t be a statue,  a memorial concert or even a national holiday.  Outside of his immediate friends and family (who it must be remembered are actually grieving for a man they loved,  unlike us fans who are grieving the death of an idol who didn’t know we even existed),  his spirit will live on, in the hearts of complete strangers who were touched by his music and if any of them are ever moved to create songs or stories of their own,  then with a bit of luck,  the magic cycle will repeat.

I doubt it will ever repeat quite so brilliantly or stylishly again though.

David Bowie is the reason I’m a musician today. Now he’s gone,  I’m much sadder than before,  but more determined to live my life devoted to whatever talents I may have and,  like he did,  create music right up until the day I die.

Musicians of the world,  it’s over to you/us and we’ve got some pretty enormous shoes to fill.

RIP. Whatever that really means X

Ps. If you really want to honour David Bowie,  don’t just play the old hits today,  listen to the incredible Blackstar album.  It’s his unbelievable farewell note to the world and it’s just sitting there waiting to be discovered.

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