Big Cloud Productions

Custom Backing Tracks

You’re a live performer who needs Custom made Tracks?

Live Performers regularly ask us to create custom backing tracks for them. ie: They can’t find a decent backing track for a song they want to perform or the backing tracks that are available are of poor quality. We’ll then produce a top quality custom track for them with optional clicks and cues for In Ear Monitors if needed.

Have a look at the video below and you’ll get the idea.

Below is the full version of Layla we produced in the video above, but without the clicktrack or cues.

Custom Backing Track Pricing £200

  • Any song you like.
  • Click tracks added and panned for In Ear Monitoring (optional)
  • All instruments performed and recorded to your liking by Big Cloud Productions
  • You can choose what instruments (if any) to leave out of the finished mix.
  • Completed song edited, arranged and mixed to industry standards.
  • Final mix mastered and volume levelled to live sound industry standards.

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