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A big ‘Hi!’ from Big Cloud Productions

Big Cloud Productions - Music Production for Songwriters

As we’ve just launched our brand new, shiny Big Cloud Productions website upon the world, I thought it polite to say A big ‘Hi!’ from Big Cloud Productions to anyone that may be browsing.

If you’re unsure about what we do, please have a browse on our website and I’m sure it will all become clear.

In a nutshell, say you’re a songwriter who lives far away on the other side of the world , but you’re able to record yourself playing an acoustic guitar or a piano and singing along.

You could then send that demo to us and we will completely flesh out your song with drums, bass, piano, guitars, backing vocals, synths etc then mix and master until you have a professional full band song. We can work this way to complete whole albums, EP’s or just single songs.

Another way of working with us would be for you to pop in to us in person if you’re near Liverpool and we’ll record your basic guide track (Acoustic guitar or piano and vocals) in person and then work on your song once you’ve gone. We’ll then send you the finished song as we would if you’d used the cloud based method.

Have a look at this video to help give you a better idea.



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