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Album Production: Franki Doot Still Runs

Sorry about the Radio silence the last couple of months. I’ve been so busy it’s been hard to find time to change my guitar strings, nevermind anything else (That reminds me…)

Anyway, over July/Aug /Sept the duo I play in The Deltatones have been crazily busy, playing up to five gigs a week , which is great and brings in much needed funds, but doesn’t leave a lot of time for social media updates.

Also, I’ve been working on an original album for Liverpool born, but Dorset based singer songwriter Franki Doot. We’ve completed seven original songs so far, working with another producer Martin and his studio in Dorset Active Music .

It’s been quite a different way of working for me as rather than do everything in house myself as I usually do, it’s been far more of a collaboration this time.

Franki has been recording his basic tracks (Vocals and guide guitar) in Dorset with Martin, who then sends those tracks to me. I then have a brief of what’s needed in terms of feel and instrumentation which I then complete here in Liverpool.

For example, for the first song ‘Run Down the Road’ I received a click track, a guide acoustic guitar and a lead vocal.

I then added Drums, Percussion, Bass Guitar, Hammond Organ, Acoustic guitar, Slide Guitar, Lead Guitar, Electric Rhythm Guitar and Backing Vocals.

Then I’ve sent the individual WAV tracks back to Martin and Franki in Dorset who are then going to mix it together.

It’s been a really interesting and enjoyable project. I’ll share the tracks when everything is complete.

That’s the great thing about Big Cloud Productions. Whether you need me to collaborate with another producer or you need me to do everything myself, it’s all possible!

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