Big Cloud Productions

Affordable, Top Quality Music Production for Singers, Songwriters and Bands.

Whether you need a session musician/producer for your original songs or a top quality recording session for your full band. Big Cloud Productions offer a wide range of recording and production packages, which can be tailor made to suit your projects needs.

Based in Liverpool, England, but our unique cloud based production means we can work on your songs wherever you are in the world.

We will give your songs the industry standard, radio gloss that you have been after.
Professionally arranged and recorded Masters could help you get the record deal you deserve.

Songwriters can provide the basic song and we’ll provide extensive editing work, drum programming, time fixing, sound replacement, vocal tuning, track cleaning and we’ll add any instruments you like to the mix, all for one affordable price with Professional mastering included.

Bands will get booked into a local studio where we will professionally record your tracks. We’ll then take the multitrack session back to Big Cloud and add any of your Overdubs, Mix and then Master your finished EP or Album.

We have a variety of packages to suit all budgets and all artists. We can work on Single Songs, E.P’s or Complete  Albums from scratch or we’ll happily deal with complete sessions if you’re after a remix or a master.

So if you need some practical and professional help with your latest musical project, get in touch today!

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We’re really looking forward to hearing from you and working on your music.

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Steve (Producer – Big Cloud Productions)